Basically Henry failed everything at school apart from Art, Design and Photography.

So being a pragmatic person he decided to become a photographer rather then a useful contributor to society.

He joined a night photography training program during his final year of high school and worked odd jobs to save up for his first camera. A trusty, but ill-fated second hand Canon xxx

Originally more interested in the art side of the business Henry put together many photography exhibitions, included some group show along side the high profile New Zealand artists Nigel Brown, Philip Clairmont, Pat Hanly, Ralph Hotere, and Terry Stringer.  He doesn't talk about this much because it makes him sound a bit of a pretentious twat.

However, due to the onset of poverty he very quickly moved in to the commercial side of the photography game by assisting on the shoots for local and international advertising photographers.

He made some money and started to pick up small jobs here and there from Art Directors on the expensive shoots who figured Henry could give them the same result for a cheaper price.

So for the next few years Henry was exploited and won a Silver Lion at Cannes and D&AD's book award. 

Now, older and wiser, he has an agent like Charlie's Angels and spends his time travelling between Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand and China. 

He speaks both English and Chinese, which is helpful for dealing with Chinese people and the English.

Also he loves fast motorbikes and cute girls and Scotch Whisky because he is young and also a fella.


In my career I have only met two young photographers that have really stood out.  The first is no longer young, he is internationally well regarded, and spends his time shooting all around the globe for big name brands.  The second is Henry.

Henry has a 'something', an interesting eye and a unique way of seeing things.  He can always deliver exactly what you ask for, but my advice for anyone working with Henry is to say very little and just let him run.  I happily attach my name to anything he does.

Creative Director / Darryl Parsons









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